Wolfgang Zulauf

Wolfgang Zulauf is the chief executive officer of SUISSE BANK which offers private and corporate digital offshore banking, blockchain banking and trade finance for its world wide clients under the offshore license. He is widely recognised for his role in private and corporate digital offshore banking, blockchain banking and trade finance. He is serving the role of chief executive officer since November, 2008, the day the company was founded. Wolfgang Zulauf started the SUISSE BANK as a private bank and he also serves as the chairman of SUISSE BANK at present.

Background information

Wolfgang Zulauf has gained a lot of experience in the field of private and corporate offshore banking by working in various institutions related to the finance. He served the role as a chief executive officer in other banking institutions in various countries like London, Moscow and the Mideast. He is an expert in handling complicated financial trades in new countries like a pro. His experiences taught him a lot of lessons in handling clients, services and products. Wolfgang Zulauf is german citizen, fluent in german, english, russian and french languages and has studied economics in Cologne, Germany. He holds a private office in Monaco, Monte-Carlo.

Notable work

Wolfgang Zulauf earned respect in the banking sector with his ability to handle offshore banking services and investments. He has planned to expand the banking operations into new countries with a network of trusted agents. He earned the trust of his clients by showing the offshore banking operations and explaining the economic structure of the new country. Wolfgang Zulauf is adept in blockchain banking especially the trading of leading cryptocurrencies, private and corporate offshore banking as well international trade financing.

Wolfgang Zulauf helps firms to seal the business deals with international clients. He influences markets with his marketing techniques, which serve as boost for his business clients.


A strong businessman like Wolfgang Zulauf has the capability to turn a start-up into a multimillion-dollar business. He is fierce in his endeavours and heads against market competition with the willpower to conquer. Wolfgang Zulauf is a hardworking man and continues to learn all the latest technological inventions in the banking sector. He played a pivotal role in the development of the SUISSE BANK and invested in growing the working staff under it.

Wolfgang Zulauf is always scouting for opportunities which help in giving the SUISSE BANK a firm stand in the banking market. He is instrumental in leading the SUISSE BANK to handle international operations right from its initial days. His success is largely attributed to his marketing skills, strong knowledge of banking and a skilled operations team. He strongly believes that investing in the foreign market is necessary to attain global recognition. Wolfgang Zulauf built his business empire based on this principle.


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